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BronquiFlex is a expectorant liquid formula It will help you eliminate cough and phlegm at once.

It will help you keep the respiratory system and immune system healthy.





The formula of the BronquiFlex contains expectorants of plant origin, which act by reducing the viscosity and stimulating the expulsion of secretions from the respiratory mucous membranes; It also contains vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system. Let’s see:

Eucalyptus oil: it is Expectorant, Bronchodilator, Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory.
Peppermint oil: facilitates the expulsion of bronchial mucus.
Rosemary Ext .: Antiviral and Antimicrobial plant extract.
Watercress Ext .: plant extract that Soothes Cough and facilitates Expectoration.
Radish Ext. (Radish ext.): Softens the Mucus and is Expectorant and Antibiotic.
Onion Ext. (Onion ext.): Makes the mucous secretion more fluid and facilitates its expulsion; It is also antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.
Garlic Ext. (Garlic ext.): Powerful natural antibiotic, it is also expectorant and anti-asthmatic.
Vitamins A and D, Zinc and Magnesium to boost the immune system.

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Adults and children over 12 years, two (2) to four (4) teaspoons two (2) times a day. Children 6 to 12 years, one (1) or two (2) teaspoons two (2) times a day. Or as indicated by your healthcare professional.


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