The exclusive and excellent combination of vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, nucleic acids, amino acids, and inositol of StressFlex, empowers the body to successfully face the state of continuous stress produced by the living conditions of today’s world.

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The exclusive SuperLoss formula makes it the best help to control body weight.

The only supplement that will help you lose weight safely and without side effects.

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The formula of the BronquiFlex Compound contains expectorants of plant origin, which act by reducing the viscosity and stimulating the expulsion of secretions from the respiratory mucous membranes; It also contains vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.

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Naturopata Services Licensed

It’s not about being alarming, but there is definitely no better medicine than prevention. It’s about taking control over your health and making this your priority. That is why, I offer you a natural alternative, without harmful effects on your health.
I offer services in metabolic diseases.
I am specialists in diseases of the nervous system and the control of their pain.
I am a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine.
I work all health conditions.


Nat. Wigie Rivera Joubert

For information and to arrange appointments, call (939) 218-5848